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Service agreement

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+ Taxes per visit on the first day of each month for regular maintenance services

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Test water once a week for chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Add chemicals as required, empty skimmer and pump baskets, clean auto cleaner bags and filter screens, brush pool’s walls, skim pool’s surface, vacuum (as required), verify proper operation of pool system, and backwash filter (as required). Check monthly for calcium hardness and stabilizer. Filter cleanings will be done every 6 (six) months at an extra charge of $99 (ninety nine) dollars. Salt Cells should be cleaned at least 1-2 times a year ($45 dollars). If you’d like to post-pone the filter service, please call the office BEFORE it’s done. Phosphate and algae treatments are not included on regular maintenance.


Maintain pool and spa water level to ensure adequate water for proper service of pool/spa, provide safe access to pool/spa including unlocking of gates and proper restraint of animals, and ensure equipment is working properly. It's not your pool guy's obligation to call, or knock at your door if gate it closed. They might to do so as cordiality, but it's not their obligation. Homeowner remains liable for FULL SERVICE CHARGE if pool/ spa cannot be serviced due to low water level, blocked access to pool/ spa, and unrestrained animals.


Weekly cleaning service does not include repairs to, or replacement of, equipment, and or parts, or disassembling of filters or salt cells for cleanings or repairs, removal of calcium deposits, or special treatment for algae. If a master technician is required for a repair, a minimum charge of $25 dollars for a 'Trip Charge' will be applied. If a repair is done, a minimum charge of $60 dollars for a 'Service Call' will be applied. Please note that in the case of inclement or severe weather the pool will be checked for chemicals and the baskets emptied, but a full cleaning will be postponed until the following week.